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Rugged PC Review Test Videos

Documenting products and testing
(by Conrad H. Blickenstorfer)

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words, the old saying goes, and at times that is true. However, when it comes to product testing, a video can say more than a thousand pictures. That's because it's easy to do a pretty picture. But in this day and age of image processing, you can't ever be quite sure if it's real of has been Photoshopped. Video, that's another story. What you see is definitely pretty much the way it is.

Here at we began doing videos just for fun. Someone said, "Hey, as long as we're dropping this rugged machine in the water or take it apart, shouldn't we document that on video?" And so we did. The productions, for now, are anything but professional. We use only the most rudimentary of scripts. We have a tripod. And we usually use the "YouTube" mode on one of the many digital cameras in our office for the filming. Underwater we've used a variety of waterproof SeaLife, Canon, Pentax, Olympus, and GoPro cameras to document things. Then we cut the videos together in Apple iMovie and upload them to YouTube.

The response has been quite positive. For example, we took some rugged handhelds scubadiving. Those video have been viewed thousands of times. People simply like to see how it all works instead of just reading about it. We can SAY a machine is sealed and could actually be used underwater. But actually seeing an editor take it under, using handwriting recognition in scuba gear, that's entirely more convincing.

So for now, below are some of the test videos we've done.

Unboxing the Xplore iX104 XC6 (April 2014)

Trimble Yuma 2 (January 2014)

Motion Computing CL900 (July 2011)

Motion Computing J3500 (June 2010)

Tadpole Topaz video performance (April 2010)

Juniper Systems TK6000 falls in pool (March 2010)

Two Technologies Hydrus

Mobile Demand rugged Tablet PC

Otterbox Defender for iPhone

Juniper Systems IP67 Archer Field PC

Trimble/TDS Nomad ultra-rugged IP67 handheld

MobileDemand xTablet T8600

SeaLife ECOShot IP68 rugged underwater camera

--Conrad H. Blickenstorfer

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