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Twinhead Durabook D13RI

Economical semi-rugged notebook with terrific wide screen
(by Conrad H. Blickenstorfer)

Twinhead's Durabook D13RI, introduced in the summer of 2006, is a notebook you can rely on when a standard plastic laptop won't do. It combines state of the art technology with many common sense rugged design features. The D13RI incorporates the Intel Dothan CPU with 533 MHz front-side bus speed in combination with the Intel 915GM chipset to provide very good performance and long battery life (the machine can be ordered with a variety of Pentium and Celeron M processors).

The D13RI uses a magnesium top and bottom case to protect the LCD and internal components. There is also a spill-resistant keyboard and additional sealing around the touchpad and hardware controls to protect against spillage. Inside, anti-shock material is used to protect memory, CPU and the hard drive from the effects of an occasional drop. We consider the Durabook D13RIa well executed and economically priced example of a semi-rugged notebook for mobile professionals. The fact that it has a terrific 1280x800 WXGA widescreen and can be ordered with a DVD Dual drive is icing on the cake.

Processor Intel Pentium M 740 and higher or Celeron M 350 and higher
CPU Speed depends on processor model
Chip set North Bridge: Intel 915GM Express, South Bridge: Intel ICH6-M
Standard/Max RAM 256-2048MB DDR II SODIMM
Disk/drive Shock-mounted 40 to 80 PATA 100 HD + optical drive (DVD/CDRW or DVD Dual)
Card slots 1 PC Card Type II
Display type Transmissive TFT
Display size/res 13.3"/1280 x 800 WXGA
Digitizer/pens none
Keyboard/scale 85(US) Keys with spill resistant keyboard
Housing Magnesium alloy
Operating Temp NA
Sealing "spill resistant"
Shock 26 x 29 inch drop to plywood over concrete
Size (WxHxD) 12.3 x 10.0 x 1.4
Weight 6.0-6.2 pounds depending on battery
Power 4,400 or 6,000mAHr Li-Ion ("3.5 or 5.0 hrs.")
Interface 2 USB 2.0, VGA, RJ11, RJ45
Interface Audio, RS232, DC
Wireless WL-2200BG (802.11 b/g)
List price from US$1,099
Contact www.twinhead.com
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