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Psion Teklogix 8515

Compact Windows CE-based forklift/vehicle-mount computer
(by Conrad H. Blickenstorfer)

The Psion Teklogix 8515 is a very compact computer designed to be used in forklifts and other vehicles where space is an issue. It measures about 8 x 8 inches, is under two inches thick, weighs not even three pounds, and can easily be mounted with a variety of standard VESA mounts, such as those available from RAM Mounts.

The device is running Windows CE 5.0 on a 312MHz Marvell PXA270 application processor. The device has 128MB of RAM and 128MB of Flash on a micro-SD card. There is a 6.4-inch touch screen with full 640 x 480 pixel resolution. Viewability should be excellent between the rather strong 350 nits LED backlight and both anti-reflective and anti-glare coating.

The Psion Teklogix 8515, which is made of high impact polycarbonate plastic, has an integrated 58-key alpha-numeric keyboard with adjustable LED backlighting. There are also ten programmable function keys flanking the landscape-oriented display, five on each side.

In terms of connectivity, the 8515 has two USB host ports, a USB client port, serial RS232, and also supports a two-way speaker/microphone with VoIP Push-to-Talk capability. The device comes with 802.11b/g WiFi and Bluetooth, both with high performance antennas. Optional external antennas can be mounted on the vehicle roof if needed.

As a vehicle-mounted device, the Psion Teklogix 8515 uses 10-30 Volt DC, but also has a small onboard backup battery.

As a Windows CE 5.0 device, the 8515 has access to a large library of existing software, and there are many software development tools for creating custom applications, including the Psion Teklogix Mobile Devices SDK. Optionally available software includes terminal emulation, an HTML browser, PTX Connect as well as remote device and network managment.

The 8515 is a rugged machine with IP65 sealing and a wide -4 to 122 degree Fahrenheit operating temperature range. It has also been tested for chemical resistance, shock and vibration, humidity, salt spray, UV, and so on.

Added/changed Updated 07/2009
Form-factor Rugged forklift/vehicle mount computer
CPU Speed 312MHz Marvel XScale PXA270
OS Windows CE 5.0
Hard Drive NA
Card slots 1 CF Card Type II, 1 micro-SD
Display type Color LCD (350 nits) TFT with anti-reflective and anti-glare coating
Display size/res 6.4"/640 x 480 pixel VGA
Digitizer/pens 5-wire resistive touch
Keyboard/keys Integrated alpha-numeric keyboard (58 keys) with 10 dedicated function key and adjustable LED backlight
Housing High impact polycarbonate
Operating Temp -4 to 122F
Sealing IP65
Shock & Vibration IEC 60721-3-5 - Class 5M2
Salt Spray Per NEMA 250, method 5.9.1
Chemical resistance SAE J1255
UV Per MIL-STD-810F, method 505.4, procedure II
Size (WxHxD) 8.25 x 8.0 x 1.8
Weight 2.9 lbs.
Power 10-30V power input range; 350mAh, 3.6V backup battery
Interface 2 USB host, 1 USB client, 1 UART (DE9), 3.5mm speaker/mic
Wireless 802.11b/g, Bluetooth Class 2
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