December 2009

Motorola releases MC3090-Z business-class RFID reader
Motorola introduced the MC3090-Z, a special version of its successful MC3000. The MC3090-Z addresses a very specific need, that of providing a rugged, reliable RFID reader for field service and business environments. The device has a 3-inch square 320x320 pixel touch display and runs Windows Mobile 6.1 on a 520MHz Marvel XScale 270 processor. A dual-axis antenna provides versatile RFID coverage and the device is more than rugged enough for use in a large variety of retail, inventory and asset tracking applications. [See description and specs of the Motorola MC3090-Z] -- Posted Monday, December 14, 2009 by chb

Windows Mobile: RIP 2000-2009?
Windows Mobile: RIP 2000-2009, that's the title of a blog entry at The blog doesn't claim that Windows Mobile is dead, just that it might as well be dead. There's been a flood of other similar articles, all suggesting that Microsoft might as well shut down Windows Mobile and get out of the phone market. What all those pundits don't consider is that while Microsoft has indeed fumbled the mobile consumer market in a downright Palmian manner, Windows Mobile remains strong in the vertical market where it essentially has no competition. -- Posted Monday, December 14, 2009 by chb

Minneapolis courier service uses Psion Teklogix Ikôn
Psion Teklogix announced that Street Fleet, a Minneapolis-based same day delivery courier service, has upgraded its dispatching system by supplying Psion Teklogix ikôn rugged mobile computing devices to its drivers in the field. Street Fleet used integrator Emkat, Inc., and Penchant Software to provide a customized dispatching solution. Once in place, the Ikôns were integrated into the system, followed by connectivity through T-Mobiles data network. [See Psion Teklogix press release] -- Posted Thursday, December 10, 2009 by chb