April 2009

Socket Mobile has shipped 15,000 SoMo 650 handheld computers
In its most recent financials, Socket Mobile says it has shipped over 15,000 SoMo 650 handheld computers into the business mobility market. Socket conceived the Windows Mobile-based SoMo 650 as a compatible platform to work in conjunction with its broad line of peripherals and add-on cards. The SoMo line has recently been expanded with the 650rx, a special antimicrobial version for healthcare markets. -- Posted Thursday, April 23, 2009 by chb

Full review: Juniper Systems Allegro MX
When you work out there in the field, your gear must be absolutely 100% reliable and able to handle whatever comes its way. Even bears. Juniper Systems' Windows Mobile 6.1-based ultra-rugged Allegro MX Field PC is a tough tool for the job. Based on proven technology, it's large enough to be operated with gloves, has excellent connectivity and expansion potential, both keyboard and keypad, and it's waterproof (we checked). [See full review of the Juniper Systems Allegro MX] -- Posted Sunday, April 5, 2009 by chb

Trimble’s Yuma rugged tablet wins Best of FOSE
Trimble announced it received a Government Computer News (GCN) Best of FOSE (Federal Office Systems Exposition) award for the new Yuma™ rugged tablet computer. The Yuma brings full office capabilities to the field in a mobile package with its Microsoft Windows operating system and wireless connectivity. -- Posted Friday, April 3, 2009 by chb