May 2007

Living with HP's iPaq hw6915 smartphone
While everyone's waiting for Apple's iPhone, we've been busy long-term testing one of HP's smartphones, the GPS-enabled quad-band hw6915 smartphone. As almost all things HP, the 6915 is first-rate and crams an awful lot of features into a small and handy package. The screen might benefit from higher resolution than just 240 x 240 pixels, you have to get used to the thumb-type QWERTY keyboard, and the really excellent GPS receiver tends to drain the battery rather quickly, but the hw6915 is easy to like, and to come to depend on. [Read iPaq hw6915 impressions] -- Posted Friday, May 18, 2007 by chb

Wyse shipping thin clients with Windows Embedded CE 6.0
Wyse Technology announced that it is shipping thin clients based on Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0 with its optimized security and IT administration features while utilizing enhanced add-on and peripheral support. Windows Embedded CE 6.0 enables Wyse thin computers to support the latest Windows Embedded CE-based applications while making it easier to integrate and manage peripherals such as wireless adapters, smart card readers and security solutions. Embedded CE 6.0 is ideal for IT departments and organizations that require Citrix ICA, Microsoft RDP as well as a local browser and terminal emulation support. -- Posted Friday, May 18, 2007 by chb