July 2002

Bitstream upgrades Thunderhawk
ThunderHawk, the full-featured wireless web browser for Pocket PCs, has been upgraded to version 1.02. New features include a favorites folder, a history folder that holds up to 64 URLs, a more readable keypad, greater performance, and support for more devices including Toshiba PPCs. http://www.bitstream.com/wireless/index.com -- Posted Wednesday, July 3, 2002 by sab

Intermec upgrades 1800 and 1802 barcode scanners
Intermec Technologies Corp is offering a Flash upgrade for it's ScanPlus 1800 line of scanners. The free upgrade will allow the scanners to support RSS, or Reduced Space Symbology bar codes. The new codes, developed by EAN International and the Uniform Code Council, include seven variations, of which the upgraded and new scanners will support the Linear versions. Composite versions will be supported later this year. The software upgrade can be downloaded from http://www.intermec.com -- Posted Wednesday, July 3, 2002 by sab

Portsmith announces modem/cradle combo
Portsmith and Palm have worked together to create a modem cradle that also charges the Palm. Compatible with all of Palm's Universal connector devices, the modem cradle will list for US$149 and is generally intended to enable distributed workforce personel. "Working with leading mobile computing accessory companies like Portsmith enables us to deliver cutting-edge solutions that not only simplify the lives of our customers, but also enable uninterrupted access to critical information wherever they go," said Paul Leeper, director of Market Development, Solutions Marketing, at Palm, Inc. The cradle should be available soon at http://www.igo.com -- Posted Tuesday, July 2, 2002 by sab

Treo 270 arrives in Australia
Handspring's Treo 270 is now available in Australia, according to the company. The color, keyboard-driven, Palm OS cell phone hybrid will sell for AUD$1,599 GST without a service contract; pricing may vary. The Treo 270 allows up to three hours talk time and 150 hours standby, plus Web access and SMS. -- Posted Tuesday, July 2, 2002 by sab