July 2012

YRCW Worldwide to deploy Intermec CN70e to 10,000 drivers
YRCW Worldwide announced that it will be deploying Intermec CN70e handheld mobile devices to more than 10,000 professional city drivers for YRCW Freight, Reddaway and Holland beginning in October. Drivers will be able to maximize productivity, enhance customer service, optimize pickup and delivery operations, and more expediently enter shipment information and communicate it to the dispatch centers. [See YRC Worldwide press release] -- Posted Thursday, July 26, 2012 by chb

Nokia's dire situation
Things look dim for Nokia, the former undisputed Number 1 in cellphones. Completely sleeping through the smartphone revolution, Nokia's stock dropped 98% since 2000, and the upcoming release of the latest financials on July 19 could make things worse. The flagship Lumina 9000 phone is selling poorly, according to market researcher Asymco only about 330,000 units in the all-important US market where Nielsen says the Windows Phone market share has dropped to just 0.3%. Add to that the fact that the upcoming Windows Phone 8 is incompatible with any older versions of Windows Phone, including the 7.5 version installed on the Lumina 9000, and Nokia will have to pull a major rabbit out of its hat to remain relevant. -- Posted Monday, July 16, 2012 by chb

LightSpeed partners with Socket Mobile to bring interactive POS experience to retail
Socket Mobile, a provider of mobile productivity solutions, announced a partnership with LightSpeed, a technology company that is reinventing the retail experience with the industry's first interactive point of sale system, combining personalized selling with inventory scanning, wireless payments and powerful intuitive retail tools for Mac OS and iOS. -- Posted Tuesday, July 10, 2012 by chb