August 2009

Intrinsically safe ruggedized phone
Airo, a maker of ruggedized cell phones, announced the A25is Intrinsically Safe handset, available for delivery Q4 of 2009. The PXA270-based and Windows Mobile 6.1-powered A25is can handle 4-foot drops, is IP67 sealed, can operate in -4 to 122 degrees F, and operates under GSM/GPRS/EDGE. [See spec sheet of the intrinsically safe Airo A25is] -- Posted Monday, August 31, 2009 by chb

CNET wonders about Microsoft's lack of ambition in mobile
In an article entitled "Microsoft's curious lack of ambition in mobile" CNET asked the obvious: what in the universe is Microsoft doing in the mobile space, or rather not doing? Redmond's smartphone marketshare has fallen below 10%, and that from the company that pioneered Windows CE 13 years ago! Then again, HP also squandered Compaq's huge "iPAQ" brand equity. Maybe Windows and consumer handheld technology are simply inherently incompatible. -- Posted Friday, August 21, 2009 by chb

LXE introduces ultra-rugged PXA320-powered MX9
LXE introduced the ultra-rugged MX9 handheld for outdoor logistics and data collection work under extreme conditions. The 2.1-pound device is powered by the 800MHz Marvel PXA320 processor, has a large 3.7-inch display, keyboard and scanner options, and integrated GPS. [Read description and specs of the LXE MX9] -- Posted Tuesday, August 18, 2009 by chb

Juniper Archer Longbow remote positioning GPS handheld
Juniper Systems, Inc. and Surveylab Ltd. launched the Archer Longbow™ remote positioning GPS handheld. By combining a rugged computer, GPS receiver, 3D compass, digital camera and a laser rangefinder, the Longbow provides the user with an all-in-one mobile GIS data capture solution. The laser is available in 100 meter, 300 meter and 1,000 meter versions. [See Longbow description and specs or Archer Longbow brochure] -- Posted Tuesday, August 4, 2009 by chb

Full review: Waterproof, ultra-rugged 2T Hydrus
There's rugged, and then there's ultra-rugged, nearly indestructible and fully waterproof. That would describe the highly customizable Hydrus handheld from Two Technologies. It's a 2.5-pound Marvell PXA270/Windows CE-powered handheld with a large 55-key keypad, a 5-megapixel imager/scanner with laser auto-focus and illuminators, 40 hour battery life, and yes, we even tested it underwater [See full review of the Two Technologies Hydrus and see YouTube video of the Hydrus underwater] -- Posted Monday, August 3, 2009 by chb