September 2008

Unlocked Palm Treo Pro now available in the US
Palm announced that the unlocked Treo Pro smartphone is now available in the United States. The Windows Mobile-based Treo Pro is unlocked, giving end users the flexibility to simply insert their existing active SIM card and immediately start using their Treo Pro anywhere there is GSM coverage, without a new contract. Worldwide travelers using the Treo Pro can cut costs on international roaming charges by popping in a local country SIM card wherever they go. -- Posted Friday, September 26, 2008 by chb

CE-based Advantech VITA-350E Automatic Vehicle Location Device
When it comes to GPS, most people think of mapping and navigation, but GPS also has other applications interesting for business as well as specialized commercial applications. We're talking GPS-based vehicle tracking. We reviewed the rugged Windows CE -based Advantech VITA-350E device that, when placed in a vehicle, knows its location through its integrated GPS receiver and then communicates that GPS data, as well as other data collected through its digital I/O ports, to a central dispatch via an integrated cellular data module. This enables the dispatch to track the vehicle or even take manual or automatic action. The potential of this technology is tremendous. [Read review of the Advantech VITA-350E Automatic Vehicle Location Device] -- Posted Wednesday, September 24, 2008 by chb

Psion Teklogix introduces NEO
Psion Teklogix introduced the compact and handy NEO rugged terminal for retail and light industrial applications. The Windows CE 5.0-based NEO uses a 312MHz version of the Marvell PXA270, has a 2.7-inch QVGA sunlight-readable display with LED backlight, can be ordered with a numeric or alphanumeric keypad as well as with Bluetooth, WiFi and either a imager or laser scanner. The NEO can be use din extreme temperatures, survives 4-foot drop and carries IP54 sealing. [Read decription and specs of the Psion Teklogix NEO] -- Posted Monday, September 22, 2008 by chb

Treo software roundup
The folks at issued their latest Treo software roundup, both new and updated, both Palm OS and WinMo. Go check it out! -- Posted Friday, September 12, 2008 by chb

WinMo 6.1 to be on 25 smartphones by holidays
Six months after the launch of its Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system, Microsoft announced that more than 25 phones powered by the platform are expected in market by holiday 2008 with many available today. Offering form factors ranging from touchscreens and QWERTY keyboards to dual sliders, the diverse spectrum of smartphones will be available from a wide range of device makers and mobile operators. -- Posted Thursday, September 11, 2008 by chb

Intermec introduces CK3 rugged mobile computer
Intermec added a new rugged mobile computer to its growing lineup of mobile data capture and communications handhelds. The CK3 is a rugged, multi-purpose flashlight-style device designed for warehousing and retail markets. The compact and handy CK3 weighs about a pound, is based on Windows Mobile 6.1, can accommodate 1D and 2D scanners, an RFID reader, as well as a variety of wireless communications methods and keypads. [See description and specs of the Intermec CK3 rugged mobile computer] -- Posted Thursday, September 11, 2008 by chb

iPhone Life Magazine premieres on newsstands!
Now on newsstands and in bookstores is the premiere issue of iPhone Life, a glossy, perfect-bound 100-page magazine chock-full of the best iPhone coverage anywhere. iPhone Life comes courtesy of Thaddeus, one of the original, and most dedicated, publishers in the mobile enthusiast space. What's Apple's gain is Microsoft's loss as Thaddeus was forced to suspend publication of its excellent Smartphone Magazine due to lack of Microsoft, TelCo and OEM support and interest (what else is new?). Check out the iPhone Life Table of Contents and show your support by subscribing to iPhone Life. -- Posted Thursday, September 11, 2008 by chb

Intermec CN3 now available with Windows Mobile 6.1
Intermec announced that their CN3 rugged mobile computer, a compact PXA270-based handheld with extensive wireless communications capabilities, now uses Windows Mobile 6.1 that offers a variety of improvements and advanced features including enhanced virtual memory, increased application speed, faster boot-up and an improved user interface with increased performance and stability. [Read description and specs of the Intermec CN3] -- Posted Thursday, September 11, 2008 by chb

NVIDIA and Opera team to accelerate web on mobile devices
NVIDIA and Opera think that browsing the Internet on a mobile device will take a leap forward with the announcement thatthey are collaborating to bring the full desktop Web-browsing experience, including support for JavaScript, accelerated vector graphics, and video content, to smartphones and mobile Internet devices. As a result, NVIDIA will offer an optimized Opera 9.5 browser in its suite of pre-integrated, in-house and third-party software for the NVIDIA(R) Tegra family of computer-on-chip Windows Mobile and Windows CE solutions. [See Opera for Devices and NVIDIA's Tegra page] -- Posted Tuesday, September 9, 2008 by chb