September 2010

Fully modular: Psion Teklogix Omnii XT10
For a while now Psion-Teklogix has been concerned about offering their customers the exact right handheld computer for a given job. This resulted in the "Modulus" concept that modularizes their hardware platforms as much as possible. With their new full-size Omni XT10, the company is now offering a fully modular ultra-rugged handheld that adheres to the stated goal of offering flexibility, modularity and an open platform to their customers. [See description and specs of the Psion Teklogix Omnii XT10] -- Posted Thursday, September 30, 2010 by chb

The Intermec CS40 Mobile Computer
If you feel iPhones and such are nice, but not quite rugged enough and they don't really fit into your corporate enterprise systems, Intermec has a device for you. It's the new CS40 that's small and handy enough to fit into any pocket, has an industrial-strength 1D/2D scanning engine, 3.75G WWAN, a QWERTY or a phone key layout, Windows Mobile 6.5, and the kind of ruggedness and longevity that consumer phones just can't match. [See description and specs of the Intermec CS40] -- Posted Wednesday, September 29, 2010 by chb

Motorola releases fast, tough MC65 EDA with dual 3.5G WWAN
Motorola released the MC65 enterprise digital assistant. It's an ultra-rugged (6-foot drop, IP65 sealing) handheld that combines advanced data capture via a Symbol SE4500 1D/2D imager, PDA functionality, with software-configurable dual 3.5G GSM HSPA and CDMA EVDO Rev A WWAN. This means the device can use virtually any carrier anywhere. Also new compared to the MC55: full VGA display, USB 2.0, larger battery, and more internal storage. [See description and specs of the Motorola MC65 Enterprise Digital Assistant] -- Posted Tuesday, September 21, 2010 by chb

Motorola releases MC9500-K Series variant with GOBI
Motorola announced a special version of its MC9500-K Series of industrial-class mobile computers. The new MC959B is for users who need a data-only version of the series, but require the ability to use different carriers and different wireless technologies. The MC959B is, to the best of our knowledge, the first handheld to include Qualcom GOBI technology. [See the MC9500-K series Motorola] -- Posted Tuesday, September 21, 2010 by chb

Motorola releases new healthcare-oriented rugged handheld
Motorola released the MC75A0-HC enterprise digital assistant, a device designed for use in healthcare organizations and other medical settings. Based on the popular MC75A, the new healthcare version can handle the cleaning agents used in disinfecting gear in clinical settings, and it fits in with a blue/white color scheme. Based on the 806MHz Marvel PXA320 and running Windows Mobile 6.5, the MC75A0-HC is designed to help improve patient safety and worker efficiency in any healthcare setting. [See description and specs of the Motorola MC75A0-HC] -- Posted Wednesday, September 15, 2010 by chb