September 2014

Juniper Systems and Effigis provide easy, inexpensive sub-meter GPS accuracy
Juniper Systems and Effigis, a Montreal-based geomatics solutions provider, have partnered to provide a powerful, yet inexpensive solution to easily capture and post-process GPS data to attain sub-meter accuracy. Effigis’ OnPOZ Precision Positioning Software suite takes advantage of the superior GNSS performance Juniper Systems’ Archer 2 rugged handheld provides to collect high-accuracy GPS data. [See Juniper press release and OnPOZ product sheet] -- Posted Tuesday, September 30, 2014 by chb

F4 Tech announces easy-to-use mobile forest inventory solution
F4 Tech, which makes the Flint and Forge Echo lines of rugged mobile computers, announced the release of its newest software offering, SilvAssist Mobile software. The app presents foresters a simple work flow solution for field data collection and which the company feels is the easiest to use mobile Forest inventory solution on the market today. [See F4 Tech press release] -- Posted Tuesday, September 23, 2014 by chb

Handheld launches the ultra-rugged capacitive touch 4.7-inch Nautiz X8 with Windows Embedded Handheld or Android 4.2.2
Handheld Group announced the launch of its Nautiz X8 rugged mobile computer, which features a large, bright 4.7-inch capacitive multi-touch display, IP67 sealing, a very wide operating temperature range, 12 hour battery life, and an extension cap expansion system. The Nautiz X8 is available both in Windows Embedded Handheld and Android 4.2.2 versions. [See RuggedPCReview's description, analysis and specs of the Handheld Nautiz X8] -- Posted Tuesday, September 23, 2014 by chb

The unpredictable nature of screen sizes
It's a mad, mad, mad world as far as the screen size of mobile devices goes. To witness, for smartphones, 4.7 inches or so now seems the least customers will accept, and 5.5 inches or larger is better. When Apple introduced its iPhone 6 (4.7 inch) and iPhone 6+ (5.5 inch), the demand was such that both Apple's and AT&T's websites couldn't keep up. Dial back a couple of decades to the dawn of handhelds. The first Apple Newtons and Tandy/Casio Zoomers and such all had displays...[read more] -- Posted Monday, September 22, 2014 by chb

Datalogic's Skorpio X3 rugged mobile computer chosen by major French supermarket chain
Datalogic announced that Zero Gachis has chosen the Skorpio X3 mobile computer as an integral component of their smart labeling solution in French supermarkets. This solution is designed to efficiently identify products with short expiration dates nearing the end of their shelf life, and accurately re-label with current marked down pricing. [See press release] -- Posted Thursday, September 18, 2014 by chb

German Forest Service uses Juniper Systems' Mesa Rugged Notepad to manage sustainable forests
Junipr Systems announced that one of Europe's most influential forest services, the Hessen-Forst Enterprise in Hessen, Germany, recently purchased 580 of Juniper Systems' Mesa Geo Rugged Notepads to manage the nearly 1.7 million acres of forests in Hessen. Hessen forests are unique in that they are managed in a way that makes them completely sustainable. Trevor Brown, Natural Resources Market Manager at Juniper Systems, said, "With the level of detail with which they manage their forests, it is essential that they have a high-quality data collection tool that is easy to use and has reliable GPS performance under heavy tree canopy. The Mesa Geo fills that need perfectly for them.” [See Juniper Systems press release and Data Management Keeping German Forests Sustainable blog entry]
-- Posted Friday, September 5, 2014 by chb