October 2009

Handheld's new ultra-rugged GPS PDA
HHCS Handheld USA has beefed up its handheld offerings by adding the ultra-rugged Nautiz X7 handheld computer. Based on Windows Mobile 6.1 and the powerful 806MHz Marvell PXA310 processor, the Nautiz X7 has a 3-megapixel camera, an E-compass, altimeter, a full-VGA 480 x 640 pixel touch display, up to 12GB of storage, Bluetooth and Wifi, and optional HSDPA wireless WWAN. [Read full review of the Handheld Nautiz X7] -- Posted Friday, October 30, 2009 by chb

Full review: Datalogic Memor
One of the problems with many industrial handhelds is that they are big and heavy. Those that are small and handy often lack features. Datalogic addressed these issues with the Memor handheld that combines mobile computing, data capture, scanning and voice/data communication in one small but rugged handheld that weighs just nine ounces. Powered by a speedy, modern PXA310 processor and available with a variety of scanning and communication options, the Datalogic Memor has a lot to offer. [See review of the Datalogic Memor] -- Posted Tuesday, October 13, 2009 by chb

Windows Mobile Marketplace
PCMag.com did a "Hands On with the Windows Mobile Marketplace" -- Posted Monday, October 12, 2009 by chb

Windows Mobile 6.5: Big letdown
To almost no one's surprise, the release of Windows Mobile 6.5 has generally been greeted with anything from indifference to downright shock and dismay (see the extent of the dismay at John Herrman's detailed review at Gizmodo). Essentially, WinMo 6.5 provides a weird new home screen on what appears to be the same ancient, obsolete OS. In recent years we've frequently commented on how increasingly sophisticated and powerful rugged handheld hardware seems to be held back by Windows Mobile (see Palm and Windows Mobile and how the iPhone really changed everything), and this "new" version 6.5, unfortunately, perpetuates the misery. -- Posted Tuesday, October 6, 2009 by chb