October 2014

Juniper Systems Ethernet dock now available
Juniper Systems announced that their long-anticipated A2 Single Ethernet Dock is now available. The dock was designed and built in response to customer requests as a convenient means of charging a handheld, as well as syncing data with a PC or a network. The dock comes with an adapter that will allow it to work with either Archer 2 or Allegro 2 handhelds. [See John Florio's "To Dock or Not to Dock" blog entry] -- Posted Monday, October 27, 2014 by chb

Bsquare and Aava Mobile introduce MobileV reference design for rugged handhelds and tablets
Bsquare and Aava Mobile announced the release of MobileV, a complete hardware and software reference design for OEMs building durable and rugged class handhelds and industrial tablets. MobileV combines Microsoft Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro with Aava Mobile Intel board reference designs based on the quad-core Bay Trail Z3745 chip, along with Bsquare software. MobileV is sold as a package of production-ready reference designs and licenses. The reference design shown by bSquare had a 4.7-inch 1280 x 720 multi-touch screen with pen support, with IP67 sealing, 5-foot drop spec, GPS, NFC, LTE, 5 sensors, etc. [See press release, MobileV product page, and MobileV data sheet.]
-- Posted Wednesday, October 15, 2014 by chb

Juniper System announces next gen Allegro 2 rugged handheld
Juniper Systems announced the Allegro 2, a new and significantly enhanced and optimized generation of the company's long-running line of Allegro rugged handheld computers. According to Juniper Systems, the Allegro 2 was “designed for the data-intensive,” with special attention paid to engineering and design. The new Allegro 2 has a larger, higher resolution display, uses procap, is faster, has more storage, better GPS, faster WiFi, a new keyboard, much longer battery life, and it's now IP68 sealed. [See RuggedPCReview's description, analysis and specs of the Juniper Allegro 2] -- Posted Monday, October 13, 2014 by chb

Datalogic unveils latest integrated solutions line-up at PACK EXPO 2014
Datalogic, a global leader in Automatic Data Capture and Industrial Automation markets and producer of bar code readers, mobile computers, sensors, vision systems and laser marking equipment, announced it will show at PACK EXPO 2014 (Chicago, Illinois, Nov 2-5) cutting-edge, live demonstrations on a working conveyor designed to simulate real pharmaceutical and food & beverage production environments. Attendees who visit Datalogic booth N-6104 at Chicago’s McCormick Center will get an opportunity to see the products in action. -- Posted Thursday, October 9, 2014 by chb

Juniper Systems and Soil Instruments partner for superior geotechnical monitoring
Soil Instruments Limited has partnered with Juniper Systems to provide a superior geotechnical monitoring system using rugged computers and geotechnical engineering instrumentation to improve field activities in the structural and earthworks industry. Specifically, pairing Juniper Systems’ Archer 2 rugged field computer with Soil Instruments’ Digital Inclinometer Systems offers field engineers with a truly robust measuring and data collection system. [See Juniper press release] -- Posted Monday, October 6, 2014 by chb

Review: Advantech TREK-520 rugged in-vehicle computer for fleet and mobile resource management
RuggedPCReview took a detailed look at Advantech's very compact rugged and very compact RISC-powered TREK-520 in-vehicle computer, designed for local fleet management and mobile resource management applications. The easily installed system can interact with vehicles and sensors, and offers superior wireless connectivity with dedicated external antennae. Used in conjunction with fleet management software it's an inexpensive way to streamline operations, optimize vehicle use, and reduce errors, fuel usage and overall costs. [See full review of the Advantech TREK-520 in-vehicle computer] -- Posted Monday, October 6, 2014 by chb

Honeywell announces new global performance partner program, award winners at 2014 EMEAI Partner Conference
Honeywell announced its new global partner program and award winners from the 2014 EMEAI partner conference in Prague. Themed “Leading Change,” the conference was the first combined partner event for Honeywell since the integration with Intermec. With more than 1,200 partners represented worldwide, the event included more than 650 partner attendees from across the EMEIA region. Unveiled at the event was Honeywell Scanning & Mobility’s new global Performance Partner Program, designed to allow for simplified processes, improved ease of doing business for partners and increased opportunities for collaboration. The program will begin January 1, 2015. [See Honeywell AIDC press release] -- Posted Thursday, October 2, 2014 by chb