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Rugged Computing Case Studies

How companies use rugged equipment and systems on the job to improve efficiency and accuracy while reducing errors and cost
(by Conrad H. Blickenstorfer)

There are many definitions of the term "case study." In general, it refers to analysis of a system, and the intent is to explain how something worked or unfloded, and what conclusions can be drawn from it.

Here at we define "case study" a bit differently. We see it as narratives on how certain rugged and mobile technologies are being used in the real world. What problems were they suppposed to solve? What equipment and what systems were used? How did it all worked out? What was the bottom line? What could have been done better (if anything)?

So in this section we present "case studies" of the application of rugged and mobile technology. The narratives were supplied by a variety of sources. Manufacturers and customers alike are encouraged to send in their examples of successful implementation so we may include it here.

Case Studies:

Rugged gear on the job