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Roper Mobile Computers MicroFlex G-Force 850

Rugged pen Tablet
(by Conrad H. Blickenstorfer)

In March of 2007, JLT Mobile Computers merged with DAP Technology to form Roper Mobile Technology. In the process, the JLT G-Force 850 became the Roper Mobile MicroFlex G-Force 850. Before the merger, JLT Mobile Computers had been creating designs for tough mobile computing environments for over a quarter of a century.

The G-Force 850 is not easy to classify. It is not a Microsoft-spec Tablet PC since it does not have an active digitizer. Instead, it is a very rugged, compact and lightweight touchscreen tablet computer with a power-efficient processor. It runs Windows XP (it has a 20GB hard disk), or Windows XP Embedded via a custom build. Memory configurations are very flexible, and there are plenty of interface options via USB, Firewire and Cardbus peripherals. Despite impressive sealing and drop specs, the G-Force 850 weighs less than four pounds--in part thanks to its glass fiber reinforced polyamid plastic housing. A multi-directional hand grip and wrist strap make the device easy to carry and use. At this point, the G-Force 850 is a bit in need of an update as the 800MHz Transmeta TM5800 is no longer a very viable processor option.

Added/updated Updated 03/2007
Form-factor Rugged pen tablet
CPU Speed Transmeta TM5800/800 MHz
OS Windows XP Pro or XP embedded
RAM/ROM 256-512MB/256-4,096MB, 20GB HD
Card slots 1 PC Card II
Display type Poly-Silicon TFT
Display size/res 8.4"/800 x 600
Digitizer/pens 8-wire touch/1
Keyboard/keys on-screen
Navigation stylus
Housing Glass fiber reinforced polyamid plastic
Operating Temp 41 to 122F
Sealing IP65
Shock 4 foot drop
Size (WxHxD) 9.85 x 7.0 x 1.53
Weight 3.75 lbs.
Power 3,800mAH Li-Ion ("4-5 hrs")
Interface USB, docking (USB, IEEE1394, VGA)
Wireless 802.11b/g and radio optional
List price inquire
Contact www.ropermobile.com
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