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Azonix MilPAC

Maximum toughness and power, designed for military and lethal zones
(by Kirk Linsky)

Originally created by Dolch before the takeover by Kontron in February of 2005, and then passed on to Azonix, the MilPAC was created to be the ultimate in high performance indoor/outdoor portable computer equipment. Designed for use in extremely harsh environments and survival in military and industrial "lethal" zones, the massive MilPAC provided almost desktop computing power with its 2.8GHz Pentium 4 processor, and there is plenty of expansion inside a sturdy box with rugged full-metal enclosure over a fiber-reinforced polycarbonate shell.

Now offered only in the MilPAC Plus version, the over 30 pound unit has a very bright 14.1-inch TFT (other display options available), has standard IP54 sealing with a near impenetrable IP65 option, and up to 2GB of DDR RAM. Three standard PCI expansion slots allow great customization flexibility. A machine like this, of course, does not run on batteries although an optional UPS -- good for about 10 minutes of power -- is available. The MilPAC uses 12-30V DC from vehicles or AC power.

Note 08/31/2007: The former Dolch and then Kontron rugged mobile computer products have a new owner in Azonix Corporation of Billerica, MA, a Division of Crane Corporation.

Added/changed Updated 02/2007; 08/2007 (Asonix new owner)
Processor Pentium 4 Processor
CPU Speed 2.8GHz
Standard/Max RAM 256MB/2048MB
Disk/drive 20GB integratde; room for two removable EIDE hard drives
Card slots 3 PCI + optional ISA slot
Display type Transmissive TFT
Display size/res 14.1-inch/1024x768 (other sizes available)
Digitizer/pens no
Keyboard/scale 85-key rubber keyboard; optional IP65 sealing
Housing Full metal enclosure, fiber-reinforced polycarbonate shell
Operating Temp 14 to 122F
Sealing IP 54 standard, IP65 optional
Shock 15g 8ms 1/2 sine
Size (WxHxD) 18.6 x 11.0 x 8.1 (w/o bumpers)
Weight 33 lbs.
Power AC and 12 to 30V DC (optional UPS)
Interface 2 USB, VGA
Interface 2 RS232, parallel, RJ45 (10/100)
List price Inquire
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