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Asonix FW8600

Rugged and very expandable portable workstation
(by Conrad H. Blickenstorfer)

The Asonix FW8600, which used to be the Kontron FW8600, is really a portable workstation rather than a notebook computer. It doesn't run on batteries, and it is large, but it's still light enough to be taken along and set up in strategic locations. Kontron calls it the only truly rugged, expandable, all-in-one portable computer system anywhere today. The basis for that claim is that the FW8600 can accommodate either three full-length or six half-length PCI cards, providing desktop-style expandability. One look at the machine shows that the FW8600 is designed from the ground up for intense use in tough environments. It is built to military standards for shock, vibration, water and temperature, and provides the reliability and dependability demanded by field professionals.

Kontron built active cooling technology into the FW8600. This allows for operation in a very wide temperature range (5 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit), and its unique design provides protection against dust, rain, and humidity. A bit like the old Microslate boxes but with built-in keyboard, this all-in-one design has an integrated handle and fully integrated components and power supply. As a result, you can close and carry the FW8600 like a briefcase. The lightweight all-magnesium chassis and relatively compact footprint form factor make the FW8600 ideal for a variety of field-deployed professionals.

Note 08/31/2007: The Kontron rugged mobile computer products have a new owner in Azonix Corporation of Billerica, MA, a Division of Crane Corporation.

Added/updated Added 02/2007; updated 08/2007 (Azonix new owner)
Processor Pentium M Processor 735
CPU Speed 1.7GHz
Standard/Max RAM 512MB/1024MB DDR
Disk/drive 40 or 60GB internal; dual removable HD optional
Expansion Six PCI slots
Card slots 1 PC Card Type II/III
Display type Transmissive sunlight-readable TFT
Display size/res 12.1-inch/1024x768; sunlight-readable option
Digitizer/pens NA
Keyboard/scale sealed rubber keyboard with optional backlight
Housing Magnesium housing
Operating Temp 5 to 122F
Sealing NA
Shock 40Gs operational
Size (WxHxD) 15.1 x 17.8 x 4.0
Weight 15.8 lbs.
Power 100-250V AC, 10-30V DC
Interface 2 RS232, parallel, RJ45 10/100, RJ11
Interface 2 USB, VGA
Wireless IR, optional: 802.11g, GPS, GSM/GPRS
List price Inquire
Contact www.asonix.com
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