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Panasonic Toughbook Y4

Possibly the best semi-rugged ultra-light with optical drive gets better yet
(by Conrad H. Blickenstorfer)

In early 2006, Panasonic updated its T and W Series of semi-rugged ultralights. The T4 was added to the T2, and the W4 to the existing W2. Likewise, the company added the Toughbook Y4 to the exisiting Y2. We've always loved the Y2. Panasonic had clearly known it was on to something with its ruggedized, yet very compact and lightweight T- and W-Series Toughbook models. However, while everyone loved the small size and light weight of those machines, many customers want a larger display and a faster processor--without sacrificing the small size and light weight. Panasonic complied by creating the faster Toughbook Y2 that came with a gorgeous, high res 1400x1050 pixel 14.1-inch display. That meant a somewhat larger footprint, but Panasonic still managed to keep weight down to a stunning 3.4 pounds.

The Y4 continues that tradition. In fact, it looks virtually identical to the Y2 and most specs are the same as well, so we're not quite sure yet what differentiates the Y4 from the Y2. The price remains high, but this may just be the best durable lightweight notebook available anywhere.

Added/updated Updated 02/2007: replaced by Y5
Processor Intel Pentium M LV 778
CPU Speed 1.6 GHz
Standard/Max RAM 512MB/1024MB (PC2-3200)
Disk/drive 60GB HD + DVD-CDRW
Card slots 1 PC Card Type II + 1 SD
Display type Transmissive anti-glare TFT
Display size/res 14.1" 1400x1050
Digitizer/pens none
Keyboard/scale integrated 87-key, 100%-scale
Housing magnesium
Operating Temp semi-rugged
Sealing semi-rugged
Shock semi-rugged
Size (WxHxD) 12.2 x 9.6 x 1.3-1.8
Weight 3.4 lbs.
Power 52 Watt-Hour Li-Ion ("5.8 hrs.")
Interface 2 USB 2.0, RJ11, RJ45 gigabit
Interface Audio, VGA, 802/11a/b/g
List price seen at US$2,300-2,500
Contact www.panasonic.com
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