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Logic Instrument was formed to support the needs of the US Military and Prime Contractors with ruggedized portable computing and display solutions. The company is focused on markets that need high levels of ruggedness and environmental protection and include C3 Display and Support Equipment requirements of the military and government marketplaces along with commercial markets like geophysical exploration and mining that require ultra ruggedness and reliability. Logic Instrument is an international company with major facilities in the US, Germany and France, specializing in rugged computers and displays with original roots as a computer-based instrumentation company started in 1987.

Logic products are designed, tested and manufactured to MILSPECs, IEC, NEMA standards in our ISO-9001 certified facilities. Products are developed on 3D solid modeling systems optimized for direct interface with our 7 axis milling machine that allows rapid prototyping and manufacturing of customer specific special components. Systems are assembled, tested and verified in accordance with our ISO-9001 certification.

Logic Instrument's US headquarters is in the Baltimore area with marketing and sales headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA. Our products are marketed through a nationwide network of manufacturer's representatives to a broad range of government, military and corporate industrial users. The US staff and support group has over 100 years of collective experience in military and industrial systems and their life cycle support.

The US technical support and repair center is located at the Logic headquarters in Finksburg, MD and performs system integration, specials engineering, assembly, support and repair for our customers in North America.

Compact Handheld Tablet Cmputer

The FieldBook by Logic Instrument is a smaller and lighter version of a standard tablet computer. Measuring a compact 8.9 x 5.7 x 1.9 inches and weighing only about three pounds, the FieldBook is designed for applications where a full-size rugged tablet is too heavy and bulky. Despite its smaller size, the FieldBook hardly compromises: the 7-inch touch screen is small but offers full 1024 x 600 resolution, all I/O is via standard ports, and the device offers a wealth of optional integrated data collection and wireless functionality such as scanning, RFID, GPS and 3G radio. [See full review]

Militarized Tablets/Convertibles

Light-weight tablet computers or convertible notebook computers that can also be used as tablets provide unparalleled mobility and versatility in battlefield operations. They can be operated via touch, digitizer, or keyboard; they offer advanced onboard wireless communication capabilities; they may include GPS and advanced security provisions; and they are still completely sealed and rugged enough to handle even extreme environmental conditions.

Militarized Notebooks

Available is a full range of ruggedized and militarized notebook computers with bright and sunlight-readable 13.3, 14.1 and 15.0-inch displays. Depending on the application, select the Getac P475M Trooper multi-purpose notebook with built-in 3G communication, the Getac B305M with a super-bright LCD and 12-hour operation, the Getac M235M with its 1400 x 1050 accelerated display, or the Getac A795M that accommodates two PCI or PCIe cards.

Rugged Attache Computers

Our rugged attache computers combine the convenient clamshell laptop form factor with deeper housings that can accommodate standard full-length ISA and/or PCI expansion cards that allow users to build customized test, monitoring and diagnostic equipment. The units, available with 15 or 17-inch displays, can handle remote field environments, and MILSPEC connector panels are available to provide added protection. Get power from any AC or DC source from 90 to 265 VAC and 10 to 30 VDC.

Ruggedized Add-In Computers

Logic Instruments offers a full lineup of ruggedized add-in computers. While still being portable, these machines are larger and more substantial than laptops because they include expansion slots supporting a variety of standards. Depending on the model, they can accommodate long ISA/PCI/PCIe cards, 3U cPCI and PXI modules, PCI SBC or even dual SBCs along with customer specific function modules such as encryption devices, receivers and decoders. These RPCs allow you to create field portable systems without having to start from scratch.

Ruggedized Display Systems

Logic Intrument single and dual screen ruggedized display systems offer highly portable display solutions for mobile applications. The RDU HB 1200 (see image) provides full sunlight readability with 1200 nit luminance and a wide range of universal inputs. The 17" SXGA DBEF-enhanced TFT displays high speed video images without smearing or ghosting and has a full 100:1 digitally or manually controlled dimming range. Also available is the dual-screen RMDDU with two 16:10 format WUXGA 1920x1200 LCD displays in a 2U rack mount package and two independent video controllers.

Instrument Controllers

We offer instrument controllers both as self-contained 4U-height units (see image) or in a portable notebook form factor. Both solutions are heavily ruggedized and fully capable of handling operating and transport shock and vibration. Instrument control can be via integral GPIB controller, conveniently placed I/O ports, or open instrument ISA or PCI interface slots.

MilSpec Computers for Wheeled & Tracked Vehicles

Designed for vehicle or aircraft deployment as a Commander's Data Terminal, our CDT is a full MILSPEC computer with display unit. Its case is precision milled from solid aluminum blocks with engineered heat piping and thermal extraction allowing operation up to 60C. Shock and vibration tolerance is provided for all shipboard, ground and air vehicle applications including those with powder-fine dust and direct blowing rain. An open Compact PCI and an open PMC slot are available for customer expansion.

Custom Solutions

Our customers have many and varied applications that require special mounting, environmental considerations, power, human interface and electrical connection. Logic Instrument is experienced in helping define and implement customer-specific solutions to those requirements. Logic can provide solutions from pre-heaters for cold weather operation to specialized shock and vibration protection to complete sealing for fine dust and moisture protection.

Logic Instrument
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95331 DOMONT cedex
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Logic Instrument USA, Inc.
11422 Cronhill Drive
Owings Mills, MD 21117, USA
tel : +1 410-363-3405
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Logic Instrument (Deutschland) GmbH
Taunusstrasse 51
D-80807 München
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