RuggON PM-511 rugged tablet helps increase hospital collaboration in Israel
Le Blé d'Or Brewery in Taipei relies on RuggON PM-521 rugged tablet to provide factory management
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RuggON Corporation was founded with the mission to create and improve ruggedized mobile computing tools that enhance productivity. Our dedicated engineering staff employs profound technical knowledge and extensive background expertise to continually refine our quality and capabilities. As a company, we are dedicated to generate exceptional value for customers, and develop successful business relationships through mutual trust and respect. We also pledge to maintain the highest level of customer service and continue to live up to the standard of excellence we have set in our industry.

Product Line-up:

ruggPAD rugged tablet computers

RuggON offers a complete line of semi-rugged and fully rugged tablet computers with display sizes ranging form 7 to 10.4 inches. Covering the widst possible range of application and deployment needs, RuggON offers tablets based both on the Microsoft Windows as well as the Android operating environments. On the Windows side, RuggOn provides a wide range of choices of embedded and standard versions of the OS. Customers have their choice of various processing performance levels, comprehensive integrated and modular expansion options, legacy support, and display technologies to match requirements in the field. RuggON is also fully aware of field use demands such as appropriate protection, sealing, sunlight viewability, and device operation while wearing gloves or in the rain. To learn more, visit the RuggON ruggPAD page.

ruggVMC rugged vehicle mount computers

Vehicle-mount and fixed-mount computers are rapidly becoming indispensable in today's universally connected world. RuggON's VM-521 ultra-rugged vehicle mount computer was designed to meet all challenges, and built to reliably operate even under the most extreme conditions. Featuring a super-bright sunlight viewable, hyper-dimmable 10.1-inch touch display, the Intel Bay Trail-powered VM-521 brings superior wired and wireless connectivity as well as integrated CAN-BUS functionality to on-road, off-road and maritime applications of any kind. In addition, the VM-521's design allows for a very wide range of vehicle power operation and guards against unstable power situations with its own internal uninterruptible power supply. To learn more, see the RuggON ruggVMC page.

RuggON Corporation
3F., No.10, Ln. 181, Sec. 2, Jiuzong Rd., Neihu Dist.
Taipei City 114, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Fax: 886-2-8797-1881

RuggON News
RuggON helps Artemis Racing optimize America's Cup performance
On the case study front, Artemis Racing, a professional sailing team with a long tradition and Swedish heritage, sealed the preliminary victory at America’s Cup World Series Chicago, a global classic sailing race from June 10 to 12, 2016. Remaining consistent throughout all four rounds of the race was key to achieving the victory, and RuggON's Intel Broadwell-based 10.1-inch PX-501B helped in tracking and recording data and performance throughout the practices. [See RuggON case study and RuggedPCReview's detailed assessment of the RuggON PX-501] -- Posted Tuesday, July 26, 2016 by chb

RuggON's new PM-311B rugged tablet puts cutting edge technology into the hands of the law
RuggON Corporation introduced the RuggON PM-311B, a tough Intel Bay Trail quad-core powered tablet with a super-bright 7-inch capacitive multi-touch display. Running Windows 10 IoT Enterprise for tablets, the PM-311B is equipped with advanced fingerprint reading, FIPS 140-2 encryption options, and a snap-on MRZ+MSR reader to meet the needs of always-connected law enforcement and similar deployments. [See description, analysis and specs of the RuggON PM-311B] -- Posted Tuesday, May 24, 2016 by chb

Full review: RuggON VM-521 vehicle-mount computer
With the VM-521, RuggON Corporation provides an elegant, meticulously designed and finished ultra-rugged vehicle mount computer for use in a very wide variety of deployments that require a solid, fixed-mount system. With a compact footprint that allows mounting almost anywhere, the very solid all-metal VM-521 addresses the needs of customers who require tablet computer power and functionality, but in a much more substantial package. [See full review of the RuggON VM-521 vehicle-mount computer] -- Posted Thursday, March 3, 2016 by chb

Review: ultra-rugged Broadwell-powered RuggON Rextorm PX-501 with dual-mode input and excellent hi-res display
RuggON is a relatively new Taiwanese manufacturer of rugged tablets and vehicle-mounts with a growing lineup of impressive hardened mobile computing products. RuggedPCReview has had a chance to examine the company's flagship tablet, the Intel Broadwell-powered Rextorm PX-501, in detail and found a compelling modern tablet solution with dual-mode input and a terrific, super-bright 10.1-inch 1920 x 1200 display. [See full review of the RuggON Rextorm PX-501] -- Posted Thursday, January 21, 2016 by chb

RuggON Corporation joins as our newest industry sponsor
We welcome RuggON Corporation of Taiwan as a new RuggedPCReview industry sponsor. RuggON specializes in both Windows and Android-based rugged tablets (the ruggPAD line) as well as rugged vehicle mount computers (the ruggVMC line). For a more detailed description of the company and its products, see RuggON's homepage on RuggedPCReview, RuggON's own site, as well as description, analysis and specs of each of RuggON's products on RuggedPCReview. -- Posted Thursday, October 1, 2015 by chb

Intel-based rugged tablets: A Solutions Brief
RuggON's rugged tablets were included in a special Intel solution brief document highlighting Windows and Android based tablet hardware for use in the field. A special section presents RuggON's Rextorm PM-521 rugged tablet. [See Intel-based rugged tablets solutions brief] -- Posted Thursday, July 16, 2015 by chb

RuggON announces Broadwell-powered tablet with enhanced battery life
RuggON announced a new version of its Rextorm Rugged Tablets, PX-501B, powered by Intel’s latest 5th Generation Core i5 processors (5350U) with Intel Turbo Boost Technology up to 2.9GHz, Intel vPro Technology, and integrated Intel HD Graphics 6000 (up to 1GHz.) Besides better multi-tasking and graphics capability this processor update means up to 30% better battery life for the new 10.1” Rextorm PX-501B tablet with 6.5 hours using the regular battery or 13 hours using the extended life battery. This latest Rextorm PX-501B tablet will be released in conjunction with a line of Rextorm peripherals including full featured vehicle and office docking solutions. [See RuggON media release] -- Posted Wednesday, May 13, 2015 by chb

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