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RMT is a leading provider of fully rugged, highly customizable computer solutions for challenging environments. Designed from the ground up, the Company's full line of rugged mobile computing solutions include lightweight handhelds, tablets, Ultra Mobile PCs and fixed mount computers.

RMT products are characterized by fully rugged design and a high degree of flexibility. RMT achieves this flexibility through a combination of modular product architecture and the organizational capacity to support specialized customer projects. This approach enables RMT to create precision tools tailored to end user requirements.

RMT draws from over 35 years of combined experience through the joining of DAP Technologies, LTD, JLT Mobile Computers, Inc. and Black Diamond Advanced Technology.

RMT's highly customizable and versatile products bring efficiency and reliability to mobile data communications for customers in a breadth of industries including public safety, military, warehousing, mining, construction and transportation. RMT's hardware solutions are available through certified partners and resellers throughout the world. RMT has corporate offices in the U.S., Canada and the U.K., and sales offices worldwide.

Windows CE Handhelds and Tablets

RMT develops and manufactures a full range of fully rugged Windows CE touchscreen handheld and tablet computers through its DAP affiliate in Québec City, Québec.

Products include the 3240, an 22 key handheld, the proven 5000 series of 54 key handhelds, the 8640 tablet with half VGA display and QWERTY keyboard and the 8810 and 8820 table computers. All products feature the 520 MHz XScale PXA270 processor and Windows CE 5.0 and are optimized for outdoor use in harsh conditions. Key design characteristics include daylight viewable displays, large keys for use with gloved hands and IP67 sealing. Customers can order systems with a wide range of integrated peripherals supported by the RMT SDK. Options include RFID readers, laser barcode scanners, 1D/2D imagers, cameras and smartcard, magnetic stripe and fingerprint readers as well as GPS and Wireless WAN.

Rugged UMPC

In October 2007, RMT began shipping the SwitchBack™, the first fully rugged UMPC. The SwitchBack™ meets MIL-STD-810F specifications for temperature, temperature shock, vibration and humidity and is sealed to IP67 standards. SwitchBack™ is differentiated from other rugged computers on the market through its unique modular design and FPGA based architecture. SwitchBack also features a first-of-its-kind, patent pending, status and control dashboard. This diagnostic application monitors and manages factors such as accelerometer data, power consumption, primary and secondary battery levels and temperature.

The SwitchBack's BackPack technology allows customers to incorporate multiple peripheral devices into a single BackPack. The BackPack attaches onto the back of the SwitchBack™ and interfaces to the computer through a special high-speed connection to the computer. Customers can order standard BackPacks or develop custom BackPack using RMT's Module Development Kit (MDK). BackPack applications can range from biometric data capture to test and measurement interfaces to machine controls to specialized communications suites.

Rugged Fixed Mount PCs and Tablets

RMT offers a full range of one-piece display computers--mounted in or on vehicles--designed for the harshest environmental conditions. These systems have ensured fast, reliable access to mission critical data in a host of environments including tanks, bulldozers, emergency vehicles, forklifts, airport vehicles and heavy mining equipment.

Each system meets stringent military specifications for vibration, shock, dust and moisture. The exterior housing is comprised of two solid precision milled aluminum halves with integrated passive heat-sinking, which increases the ability to handle temperature extremes. The interior is designed so that all boards are securely mounted with multiple screws and there are no loose wires or cables inside the machines to cause early failures.

The RMT line of touch screen display computers range from 10 to 15-inches and share many common specifications such as removable hard drive, high bright displays and wide-range voltage input which provides protection in extreme temperatures. Numerous processor configurations, RAM, HDD options and display options allow RMT to tailor units to customer applications. Specialized configurations are available for key markets, such as the 1205-PS which is a 12 inch system designed for use in Public Safety vehicles. It features a daylight viewable display with 100% dimming and instant screen blanking controlled by a rotational knob on the side of the unit.

RMT recently launched the Duros 8.4 inch Tablet PC which provides the rugged attributes of fixed mount systems in a mobile form factor. Duros features a daylight viewable display, hot swappable battery and multiple wireless LAN and WAN options and comes with a variety of mounts and accessorie

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RMT News
DAP Technologies unveils ruggedized Windows tablet with 9.7-inch multi-touch IPS display
Today's market is ready to deploy tablets in numerous areas, but many businesses require a Microsoft OS platform and more ruggedness than media tablets can provide. DAP Technologies addresses these issues with their new Intel Atom N2600-powered M9700 2.2-pound tablet with a 9.7-inch multi-touch display that currently runs Windows Embedded Standard 7, but looks to be Windows 8 ready. The M9700's ruggedness specs far exceed those of consumer media tablets. [See analysis and specs of the DAP M9700 rugged tablet] -- Posted Friday, August 24, 2012 by chb

DAP Technologies introduces two new rugged tablets
DAP Technologies has expanded its lineup with two updated versions of its full screen and half-screen plus keyboard tablets that are available both in Windows Embedded Standard and Windows CE versions. The new M8930 and M8940 include various technology updates and now run Windows CE 6.0 rel3 on 624MHz Marvell PXA300 processors. [See description and specs of the DAP Technologies M8930 and M8940] -- Posted Monday, January 24, 2011 by chb

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