Field invoicing on semi-rugged tablets (November 2013)

Rugged tablets in utility meter systems remote control (May 2013)

Rugged tablets in metal casting and foundries (February 2013)

Rugged tablets in aerial laser scanning surveys (November 2012)

Rugged tablets in wafer fab patrol management (October 2012)

Rugged tablets in ground penetrating radar (GPR) (August 2012)

Rugged tablets in precision farming (April 2012)

Rugged tablets for Taiwan's utility workers (March 2012)

Rugged tablets in the food manufacturing industry (February 2012)

Rugged tablets used by motorcycle riders in Taiwan (January 2012)

Rugged convertible notebooks in railroad safety (November 2011)

Rugged tablets in aerial mapping (Applanix)

Snow Mobile Russia

case studies

and the environment

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RUGGEDBOOK and the environment

Samwell's corporate philosopy for our products

The 21st century is seeing both unprecedented technological advance and opportunities as well as human and environmental challenges that must be managed wisely.

Customer service, for example, is becoming an ever more important factor, and service industries are playing a major role in economic recovery and growth. Making available to workers the best possible and most useful technology is therefore crucial.

To that extent, our Samwell RUGGEDBOOK computers are increasing productivity in numerous applications around the world, ranging from warehousing, factories, utilities, transportation, law enforcement, public service, field service, hospitality and many more. RUGGEDBOOK tablets can be deployed as vehicle-mounts or as fixed-mount panels in industrial applications, and they are tough and rugged enough for the harshest environments.

On the human safety and productivity side, Samwell rugged computers are now used by the Swedish government for workplace surveys and other applications to ensure safe and healthy working environments, and reducing accidents.

In Malaysia, a university wildlife and jungle research department uses the RUGGEDBOOK SR858 computer in their studies, enhancing knowledge that helps understanding and protecting our natural resources.

RUGGEDBOOK computing products can be used in numerous environments and applications, and these are just two examples that illustrate Samwell's contribution to a bright and prosperous future both on personal and environmental levels.

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