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A modular mounting solution that helps converting any vehicle into a mobile office

(RAM MDT-Mate product page)

For a lot of mobile professionals, being able to have quick and convenient access to their notbook or tablet computer is essential. Anyone doing deliveries, service, maintenance, route accounting, installation and numerous other tasks that require the use of a computer in a vehicle, knows the value a properly mounted vehicle computer. Unfortunately, most mounting systems are rigid and inflexible, making it difficult to comfortably use the system, or for both the driver and a passenger to use it. Well, there is a new solution for exactly this problem.

RAM-Mounts of Seattle, Washington -- undisputedly the leading innovator and manufacturer of rugged, durable mounting systems and docking stations for mobile electronics with their patented ball and socket mounting system that allows you to mount practically anything anywhere -- has introduced the RAM MDT-Mate, which looks like a nearly perfect solution for mounting all sorts of mobilde data terminals in a wide variety of vehicles.

What RAM has come up with here is a new product line that seamlessly integrates into RAM's full line of no-drill vehicle mounting solutions and Tough-Box consoles. The system includes single or double keyboard mounting swingarms that can easily be positioned in an ergonomically proper position. The system unit/display also can be rotated, twisted, and tilted into the exact right position. No more contortions, no more fending off glare, no more squinting and reaching, the MDT-Mate system with its flanged Tele-pole takes care of whatever adjustments are necessary.

The RAM MDT-Mate also includes pre-drilled holes to add whatever RAM mounting bases may be needed to add additional peripherals or equipment, such as keyboards, printers, scanners, external drives or other needed equipment. And there's integrated cable management so that all associated cables and wires can be safely routed and tucked away.

The pictures below show how the RAM MDT-Mate works with notebooks, tablets and other computing equipment. As is the case with almost all products in RAM's mounting system catalog, you can order a solution that works for you and your equipment. The core of the MDT-Mate system is the Mobile Data Terminal display mount with or without a "tilt-n-turn" attachment that allows rotating the display around its z-axis. The display mount comes with an 8-inch flanged upper tele-pole that is compatible with all of RAM's lower tele-poles and vehicle mounting systems.

As far as construction and finish go, everything is powder-coated marine grade aluminim and steel. The product will be available starting February 5th, 2010.