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RAM GoPro mounts

The mounting hardware experts at RAM Mounts now offer tough, strong and durable GoPro adapters and mounts for when plastic and adhesives just won't do.

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By now, almost everyone has seen or heard of GoPro cameras. They are hardly bigger than a matchbox, yet can record high definition video and shoot high definition stills. Originally designed for surfers to capture their acrobtics in the waves, GoPros are now used wherever people want to capture action and record in unlikely places and conditions. The Discovery Channel uses them, NASCAR, parachuters, scuba divers, race cars blasting up the Pikes Peak hillclimb, motorcyclists, and a lot of professionals doing their everyday work. What makes the GoPro so special?

In part the technology. GoPro cameras can shoot hours of full 1080p HD video and record it onto a single SD card, for very little money. The latest GoPro camera, the Hero3 Black Edition (shown to the right), can even record 1080p at 60 frames per second, 2.7k (2716 x 1524 pixel) at 30 frames per second and full 4k video (the next big thing). Or shoot time lapse at up to 240 frames per second.

And in part because all GoPros come standard with a very tough housing, a housing tough enough to be mounted on a dirtbike, underneath a race car, on crab boats north of Durch Harbor, and even 200 feet beneath the surface of the sea. And every GoPro comes with a selection of mounting brackets to attach a GoPro virtually anywhere. This combination of form factor, technology, and mounting hardware has made GoPro a huge success. There is, however always room for improvement, and that's what RAM Mounts has done with its line of GoPro camera mounts and adapters.

For years, RAM-Mounts of Seattle, Washington has been the leading innovator and manufacturer of rugged, durable mounting systems and docking stations for mobile electronics. Their patented ball and socket mounting system allows you to mount practically anything anywhere. By extending its expertise and technology to the GoPro line of cameras, RAM is elevating the GoPro's usefulness and application potential into a whole new level. While the GoPro stock mounts are very versatile and work amazingly well, they are made of lightweight plastic that can break. And while GoPro's flat and curved adhesive mounts are small and handy, gluing the camera mounts onto a surface isn't always the best solution.

RAM's new custom GoPro adapter (see above) solves this problem by providing GoPro cameras full access to RAM's vast array of heavy-duty mounting arms and brackets that can be securely attached virtually anywhere. The new RAM GoPro adapter (RAM part # RAP-B-202U-GOP1) consists of a 1"-diameter rubber ball, connected to a custom adapter that attaches directly to the standard GoPro housing (all Hero cameras, including the new Hero3), replacing the factory mounting bracket.

Anyone familiar with mounting issues will instantly realize the importance of this. By being able to use RAM mounting hardware, GoPro users now have access to a field-proven mounting system that's as tough, rugged and reliable as it gets. RAM's patented elastomeric rubber balls provide unprecedented grip that no plastic ball comes close to. RAM's solution also provides shock and vibration dampening that guards against damage even under extreme conditions, and the composites, steel and aluminum used for the brackets are virtually indestructible.

What all that means is that instead of relying on adhesive or perhaps a suction cup, GoPros can now be securely mounted anywhere and anyplace, and, depending on the application, attached either permanently (via screw mounts), semi-permanently (via clamp, etc.) or flexibly (via a magentic or suction base adapters). For an example of how it all works, see RAM's "How to build your camera mount."

Also note that the RAM custom GoPro Hero adapter (below right) is just one way to connect GoPros to the RAM Mount system; an alternate solution is using the standard GoPro tripod adapter with RAM's 2.5-inch round base (RAM part # RAM-B-202AU). An example is shown below left. Bottom line: anyone who wants to use GoPros but isn't quite sure if the stock GoPro attachments and brackets are up to the job can now use RAM's extensive and field-proven mounting hardware system. That's defnitely very good news. -- Conrad H. Blickenstorfer, Nov. 2012

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