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RAM Tough-Box™ Consoles

Tough, light-weight consoles that work with standard vehicle mounts

(RAM product page)

There are many solutions when it comes to mounting and securing computers in a vehicle. Depending on the application, a system must be mounted securely so that it cannot be easily removed or stolen, or the mount must allow quick and easy insertion and removal. Large notebooks have different mounting requirements from lightweight slates or handhelds. Some systems require vehicle power whereas others run on their own power source and may use vehicle power only for charging. There are also situations where no standard mount or dock can possibly accommodate all the extra features, connectors, switches, and electronics required. Examples are police cars, EMS vehicles, military transports, and other mobile environments that include complex electronics. This is where console boxes come in.

Until now, no one has offered versatile, high quality vehicle consoles that easily integrated with computer mounts. Police departments and others with complex in-vehicle wiring and computing requirement simply had to make things fit.

However, that is going to change soon. The folks at RAM-Mounts have been working on the evolution of common police vehicle console products and have taken a huge leap forward. They have come up with a line of Tough-Box™ consoles that are fully compatible with the industry-leading RAM one-inch and half-inch pedestal systems, as well as with AMPS and VESA hole patterns, ensuring endless mounting possibilities and the ultimate in versatility. The consoles are up to 30% lighter than other manufacturers' consoles while being equally as functional and durable or more. Less weight is always good, be it for ease of installation or fuel economy.

The Tough-Box™ is constructed of high-strength composite, steel and aluminum. All the materials have been meticulously chosen to ensure long product life and best performance.

Another key feature is the incorporation of molded parts to create the tightest of seams and the elimination of sharp corners or edges. Keeping in mind the safety of the vehicle occupants and ease of use and installation, these consoles are crafted to meet and exceed expectations. The RAM Tough-Box™ consoles are certain to set a new industry standard. Any fleet considering upfitting their vehicles should take a good look at the RAM Tough-Box™ console.

RAM announced they will complement the Tough-Box™ with a full line of no-drill seat mount kits as well as various ways to attach laptops, tablets and keyboards. 

The Tough-Box™ console is ideally suited for vehicles used in law enforcement, fire, fleets, EMS, search & rescue, security, etc.

RAM Tough-Box Features

  • A combination of rugged materials is used to create the ultimate in toughness and industry-leading light-weight design.

  • Unique molded console design sets a new standard for ergonomics and safety.

  • No sharp edges or corners ensure occupant safety and provide a state-of-the-art appearance.

  • Unique molded faceplates incorporate tongue-and-groove details to prevent contamination of electronics from dust and dirt falling through the cracks. This also integrates all the combined faceplates together as a unit to provide more strength, plus preventing lost cards, licenses and paperwork.

  • High quality materials and finish ensure a long product life and corrosion resistance, all backed by a NPI lifetime warranty.

  • Modular design allows for almost unlimited installation options. 9", 13", and 17 inch models available to meet your needs.

  • Several knockout panels on each side for 12 Volt or cigarette adaptors.

  • Large openings with smooth radiuses at each end of console provide tunnel pass through for trouble-free wiring.

  • Microphone hole and slot pattern available on both passenger and driver side of console.

  • Molded and stamped mounting holes allow for extreme ease of assembly and installation.

  • Mounting holes in bottom of console work with all other manufacturers' top plates.

  • Compatible with RAM one-inch and half-inch pedestal systems.

  • Unique die cast interlocking faceplates are rigid and tough, not flimsy and flexible. Also, there are no welds to break!

  • Integrated hole patterns such as AMPS, VESA, as well as RAM specific ensure endless mounting possibilities and the ultimate in versatility.

  • An installer's dream, the new RAM Twist Out feature allows for quick access to radios or switches making installation, change-outs or repairs simpler than ever.
See RAM Tough-Box page at Ram-Mounts.